A new way to get your medications delivered to your door — Ascension Rx

SmartHealth members may now use Ascension Rx home delivery for maintenance and specialty medications.

Created for your health and convenience, Ascension Rx may help you save through your SmartHealth plan. Ascension Rx connects the dots with clinicians at Ascension sites of care for better coordination of your care and increasing support for your medication therapy and specialty pharmacy needs.

Signing up is easy. Simply call Ascension Rx at 833-MedsARx (833-633-7279) for medications delivered to your home.

After you transfer your medications, you can manage refills with the AscensionRx app. Click here for more information.

The Ascension Rx team can contact your doctor to obtain new prescriptions for your current medications;, please have your doctor’s full name, their office phone number and the name of your medication handy. Or if you prefer, we can transfer your prescriptions from your current pharmacy. Please have the name of the pharmacy, phone number, prescription numbers and names of your medications when you call.

You can also talk to or message your doctor in the patient portal to request your prescription for maintenance medications be filled at Ascension Rx.

Ascension Rx specialty pharmacy operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.

Make getting your medications even easier by using Ascension Rx:

  • Maintenance medications are delivered directly to your home in safe, convenient 90-day supplies.
  • If it is easier for you, you can choose to have maintenance medications filled at an Ascension Rx retail or outpatient location.
  • Specialty medications are often oral or self-injectable. Ascension Rx home delivery can safely supply these on the schedule you need, and can meet your prescription medication therapy plan. Talk to your doctor about how Ascension Rx can help.
  • If you are taking six or more medications, Ascension Rx has a packaging solution that can help you better manage your medications. Please call us and ask to speak to a pharmacist for more information about this unique system.

Now SmartHealth members can receive their first copay of an eligible, 90-day maintenance medication from Ascension Rx for free through 2022. (Excludes specialty pharmacy medications.)

That means SmartHealth members now can order maintenance medications via a convenient home delivery service or through a local Ascension Rx site of their preference. The copay is $0 when members switch to 90-day supplies to Ascension Rx through December 2022.

SmartHealth members currently using Ascension Rx retail locations also can receive a one-time $0 co-pay incentive by transitioning their existing 90-day maintenance prescriptions to home delivery before Dec. 31, 2022.

Ascension Rx provides a comprehensive pharmacy solution that is a one-stop resource for all medication-related services — compassionate, personalized pharmacy care to meet you and your family’s prescription needs.

SmartHealth members are encouraged to use Ascension Rx pharmacies for pharmacy needs whenever possible. Access answers to frequently asked questions.

Ascension Rx
Prescription Type Ascension Rx Home Delivery Ascension Rx Local Pharmacy* Network Retail Pharmacy Network
One-time Prescriptions (antibiotics, etc.)  
Maintenance Medications  
Specialty Medications    

Signing up is easy. Members will need to call Ascension Rx at 833-MedsARx (833-633-7279) to get started.

For more information about your SmartHealth pharmacy benefits visit: www.mysmarthealth.org

Learn more about Ascension Rx and locations by visiting Ascension.org.

*Note that the free, first copay excludes Affordable Care Act (ACA) preventive drug list prescriptions, which are already covered by law, and also excludes specialty pharmacy medications.